Day: March 8, 2021


“Uncopyrightable” is one of the longest words in the English dictionaries that does not repeat any letters

The longest word could be “subdermatoglyphic” – it’s not in any dictionaries but it’s in dermatology journals. Dermatoglyphics, misconjugatedly, and uncopyrightable, each fifteen letters long, are the longest English words in which no letter appears more than once. Fourteen letter words with this property are ambidextrously, benzhydroxamic, hydromagnetics, hydropneumatic, pseudomythical,


Your stomach has to produce a new layer of mucus every two weeks otherwise it will digest itself

The stomach is made of protein, yet it houses the most powerful protein digesting enzymes known. Stomach wall’s epithelial layer is not smooth. It is folded into thousands of tiny pits, called gastric pits, that penetrate into the surrounding muscle layers. Virtually all the epithelial cells facing the lumen (the